Prof. dr.  Francesco Giacosa


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Professor at the Institute of Physics, Jan Kochanowski University

Head of the High Energy Physics department,

ul. Uniwersytecka 7, 25-406 Kielce, Poland.

Phone: 0048-41-3496448. Office: 207.


Director of the Doctoral School, Jan Kochanowski University

Rector's offices, ul. ¯eromskiego 5, 25-369 Kielce, Poland.

Phone: 0048-41-3497373, Office: 107.




Private Lecturer at the Institute of Theoretical Physics,  J.W. Goethe University,       

Max-von-Laue Str. 1, 60438 Frankfurt am Main, Germany.











Research and links:

Scientific Interests  Hadron physics in vacuum and in medium. Fundaments of Quantum Mechanics.

Publications (from Inspire)

Ph.D. Thesis (Subject: Glueball within a nonlocal approach)

Habilitation (only the summary in German: here) (Subject: the extended Linear Sigma Model (eLSM))

Hadron group at UJK Kielce (members, ongoing research, recent publications, etc)



Basic Info:

1995-2001: University of Turin, Physics.

2001: Diploma Thesis “Chiral phase transitions in the NJL model”

supervisor: Prof. Dr. Wanda Alberico.

2001-2005: PhD in Physics at Tuebingen University, Germany.

PhD thesis: “Glueball phenomenology within a nonlocal approach”

supervisors: Prof. Dr. Amand Faessler and Prof. Dr. Thomas Gutsche.

2005-2006: Frankfurt am Main and Heidelberg, work on nonperturbative Yang-Mills Physics.

2006-2014: Frankfurt am Main, work on hadron physics and quantum mechanics, various didactical activities in the group of Prof. Dirk Rischke.

2013: Habilitation. Title: “An effective chiral model of QCD with vector mesons, dilaton and tetraquark: physics in the vacuum and at nonzero temperature and density”.

2012-2013: MainCampus Educator fellow (Jan. 2012-Dec. 2013) of the ‘Foundation Polytechnical Society –Frankfurt am Main’

2014-02.2020: UJK Kielce, associate professor.

Since 03.2020: UJK Kielce, full professor.


First supervisor of 4 concluded PhD theses:

1.     Stanislaus Janowski,  Phenomenology of glueballs and scalar-isoscalar quarkonia within an effective hadronic model of QCD, November 2015 (Goehte U Frankfurt).

2.     Thomas Wolkanowski-Gans, Dynamical generation of hadronic resonances in effective models with derivative interactions, August 2016 (Goethe U Frankfurt).

3.     Lisa Olbrich, Hyperons in a chiral approach, September 2018 (Goethe U Frankfurt).

4.     Milena Piotrowska, Study of conventional and non-conventional scalar and vector mesons March 2021 (UJK Kielce).


Second supervisor of 1 concluded PhD thesis: Achim Heinz, QCD under extreme conditions: the inhomogeneous condensation, October 2014 (Goethe U Frankfurt).


Presently first supervisor of 3 ongoing PhD theses: Shahryjar Jafarzade, Enrico Trotti, Arthur Vereijken.


Third-party projects in Kielce:

NCN OPUS project 2019/33/B/ST2/00613


Title: Role of the symmetries and anomalies of QCD on the phenomenology of mesons

Principal Investigator: Francesco Giacosa

Duration: 17/2/2020-16/2/2024.

Postdoc: Dr. Vanamali C. Shastry

PhD student: Arthur Vereijken

Master student(s): Agata Pniak



NCN OPUS project 2015/17/B/ST2/01625


Title: Decays and spectral functions of non-conventional mesons.

Principal Investigator: Francesco Giacosa

Duration: 2/6/2016-1/6/2018.

Postdoc: Dr. Susana Coito

PhD student: Milena Piotrowska

Master student: Tomasz Berlinski



Activities in summer winter term 2021/2022 and summer term in Kielce

Quantum computing, for data engineering, winter term 2021/2022

Advanced QM for PhD students, winter term 2021/2022

Statistical methods for PhD students, summer term 2022

General relativity for PhD students, summer term 2022


Future activity in Frankfurt summer term 2022

Decays in QM and QFT, planned between July-September 2022.


Organized meetings:

Excited QCD 2016 (6-12 March 2016, Costa da Caparica, Portugal)

Excited QCD 2015 (8-14 March 2015, Tatranska Lomnica, Slovakia)

Excited QCD 2014 (2-8 February 2014, Bjelasnica Mountain, Sarajevo)

Excited QCD 2013  (3-9 February 2013, Bjelasnica Mountain, Sarajevo)

Excited QCD 2012 (6-12 May 2012, Peniche, Portugal)

Excited QCD 2011  (20-25 February 2011, Les Houches, France)   

Excited QCD 2010  (31 January-6 February 2010, Tatra National Park, Slovakia)   

Excited QCD 2009 (8-14 February 2009, Zakopane, Poland)

Previous activities in Kielce:

Statistical physics (winter term 2019/2020 and 2020/2021, for PhD students)

Particle physics (summer term 2019 and 2020, for master students)

Special and general relativity (for PhD students, winter term 2018/2019)

Advanced Quantum Mechanics (winter term 2014/2015, 2015/2016, and 2017/2018 for PhD students, 1. year): link

Topics in Condensed Matter Physics (winter term 2017/2018, 2016/2017, 2014/2015, for PhD students, 3. year): link.

Seminar for Master Students (winter term 2017/2018, 2016/2017, summer term 2015).

Statistical methods (summer term 2016, for Phd students, 2. year)

Introduction to QCD (summer term 2016, for PhD students, 2. year)

Theory of many-body systems (winter term 2015, for PhD students, 2. year)

Introduction to the Theory of Chaos (summer term 2015, for PhD students, 3. year)

Topics in Nanophysics (winter term 2017/2018 and summer term 2015 for PhD students, 3. year)

Previous activities in Frankfurt:

The chiral group of Frankfurt (research topics, members, (some) publications; up to 2015 plus some theses updates).

Interpretations of QM (6-10/9/2021), (zoom/Frankfurt).

Effective hadronic theories, (12-16/10/2020) (zoom/Frankfurt).

Decays in QM and in QFT, 15-19/7/2019

Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics, 17-21/9/2018, each day of the week from 10:00-13:00, Aquarium room (2.114).

Videos at:

Topological objects in (Quantum) Field Theory" (Block-lecture for master and PhD students, 11-15/9/2017)

Video at:                                           

Effective Theories of Hadrons (Block-lecture for master and PhD students, 18-22/8/2014 (So. Se. 2014)  and 18-22/8/2016 (So. Se. 2016)

Video of 2016:

Blockvorlesung (Block lecture) „Decays in Quantum Field Theory  (Mo. 30/8  to Fr. 4/9/2015 , 12:00 - 15:00, Room: 2.114 hier)

Meetings of the chiral group (up to Wi. Se. 2014/2015)

Mathematische Ergaenzugnen zur Vorlesung „Theoretische Physik 4 (für Bachelor-Studenten, So. Se. 2014) (link)

Videos at:

Neue Entwicklungen der Quantenmechanik (Proseminar für Bachelor-und Master-Studenten, So. Se. 2014. 

NEQM in So. Se. 2013 hier und in So. Se. 2012 hier).

Topological objects in field theory (für Master-Studenten. So. Se. 2013)

Decays in Quantum Field Theory (für Master-Studenten; Wi. Se. 2012/2013 and 2013/2014)

Video of 2012/2013:

Mathematik für Biophysiker (Vorlesung für Bachelor-Studenten, Biophysik, So. Se. 2012)

Statistical Mechanics  (Übungen; Wi. Se. 2011/2012)

Palaver WS 2011/2012  (and older palavers)

Interpretation der Quantenmechanik (Seminar; So. Se. 2011 and 2010)

Quantum mechanics  (Übungen; So. Se. 2011)

E-Dynamik WS 2010/2011  and Mechanik II (SS2010) (and older exercises) (Übungen)

Seminar on chiral theories (Wi. Se. 2010/2011)