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The WA98 Experiment

G.Stefanek and the WA98 collaboration

The WA98 experiment (an extension of the previous WA93 and WA80 experiments) utilized the newly developed Pb-beams at CERN SPS in November and December of 1994. The main goal of the experiment is to study the emission of thermal photons with high precision. These are supposed to be one of the best probes of a transition from the hadronic state of matter to a phase of "quasi"-free quarks and gluons (QGP) because of their weak interaction with the surrounding hot and dense hadronic matter. The WA98 experiment also measure flow of various particles, two-,three- particle correlations and study DCC domains.

One of members ( G.Stefanek ) actively participate in preparation of the Plastic Ball detector to the WA98 experiment. Polish group was responsible for the development and construction of the whole electronic system of the Plastic Ball spectrometer. A modified version of the software was prepared and used during data taking in 1994-1996. Polish group is actively involved in the analysis of the data from WA98 experiment. The primary physical fenomena we are interested in are "FLOW" and "Bose-Einstein correlations".

You can find more information on the WA98 home page at CERN


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