Microsoft 365

Jan Kochanowski University, ensuring the continuity of teaching, scientific and administrative processes, has provided employees and students with the Microsoft 365 service in the full functional scope under the purchased license. The service can be used in a standard way through installation on a computer as well as online - as part of OneDrive, a virtual disk, each user is allocated 1TB of online storage. Each user has the option of using the service on any 5 devices (stationary and portable). Microsoft 365 applications are available on both Mac and PC.

Microsoft 365 functionalities give the opportunity to exchanging documents (including teaching materials), working on shared documents, using a spreadsheet, tools for creating surveys and forms, a calendar, organizing and handling virtual meetings, storing, sharing files with access to them from anywhere and device.

Access accounts for academic teachers and students are set up by IT specialists in organizational units. Accounts for non-teacher employees are set up by employees of the IT Security Department. Support in using the functionality of the service is provided by IT specialists in units, departments, branches. The faculties' websites contain information about the Microsoft 365 service. Instructions are provided in the form of separate news.

Microsoft Teams is part of the Microsoft 365 service, based on chat a separate workspace, enabling file sharing and the ability to work with them in real time by several people, it ensures the efficient organization of work of the entire team. It is a tool for cooperation through virtual audio-video meetings with many people / teams of students or employees. Attention!


When creating a team in Microsoft Teams, pay attention to the “Privacy” option.

Public - all members of the organization can join.

Private - only team owners can add members.

Similarly when creating a channel within a team:

Standard - available to everyone in the team.

Private - only available to a specific group of people in the team.


Microsoft 365 users are required to use the service in a manner consistent with the law and principles of network etiquette, in particular it is prohibited to:

1.violating the privacy of others;

2. illegal distribution of copyrighted material;

3. distribution of pornographic material;

4. taking actions that may disrupt the operation of services and systems;

5. taking actions aimed at obtaining unauthorized access;

6. sending unsolicited mail or facilitating it to other entities;

7. sharing your account, including login details, with others.

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