Set Theory, Topology and Banach Spaces

Kielce, 7 - 11 July 2008

List of Talks
  1. Hugo Arizmendi Peimbert, A spectral synthesis property for Cb(X, β)
  2. Antonio Aviles, Compact spaces which do not map onto finite products
  3. Bohuslav Balcar, Sequential Spaces and Functionals on Boolean Algebras (lecture)
  4. Marek Balcerzak, Measure-category properties of Borel plane sets and Borel functions of two variables
  5. Taras Banakh, Characterizing reflexive Banach spaces with help of extenders
  6. Artur Bartoszewicz, The Stone representation of atomic complete Boolean algebra is MB-representable
  7. Aleksander Błaszczyk, Topologies on the Cantor tree
  8. Robert Bonnet, Some results on CO spaces
  9. Jana Flaškova, Nowhere dense sets corresponding to summable ideals
  10. Volodymyr Gavrylkiv, Algebra in superextensions of groups
  11. Szymon Głąb, Descriptive set-theoretical properties of an abstract density operator
  12. Salvador Hernández, Bounded sets in topological groups
  13. Adam Idzik, Fixed simplex property for collapsible complexes
  14. István Juhász, The convergence and character spectra of compact spaces (lecture)
  15. Joanna Jureczko, On equivalence of some combinatorial methods
  16. Ondřej Kalenda, Compact convex sets and cartesian products
  17. Olena Karlova, On extension of continuous mappings to Baire-one mappings
  18. Byoung Soo Kim, Measure permutation formulas in Feynman's operational calculi
  19. Piotr Koszmider, A strengthening of the Δ-property with applications in dispersed spaces/superatomic Boolean algebras
  20. Tomasz Kubiak, Controlling disjointness with a hedgehog
  21. Wiesław Kubiś, A universal homogeneous Banach space of density continuum
  22. Andrzej Kucharski, Skeletal mappings and inverse systems
  23. Ievgen Lutsenko, Around P-small subsets of groups
  24. Witold Marciszewski, On Banach spaces whose norm-open sets are weakly Fσ sets (lecture)
  25. Miguel Martin, Extremely non-complex C(K) spaces
  26. Henryk Michalewski, On the set of Gδ points in compact spaces
  27. Anibal Moltó, On locally uniformly rotund renormings in C(K) spaces
  28. Marianne Morillon, Uniform Eberlein Compactness and the Axiom of Choice
  29. Vasil' Nesterenko, On symmetrically quasi-continuity and symmetrically cliquishness
  30. Andrzej Nowik, Injective continuous images of Hamel bases
  31. Szymon Plewik, Applications of the Kuratowski-Ulam theorem
  32. Igor Protasov, Dynamical Equivalences and Coronas
  33. Kun Sik Ryu, Integration with respect to analogue of Wiener measure over paths in abstract Wiener measure
  34. Leonid Shapiro, On antipower functors
  35. Leonid Shapiro, On Valdivia-type universal topological algebras
  36. Marcin Szyszkowski, Omega-1 limits of sets and covering of measure and category
  37. Sławomir Turek, On continuously homogeneous spaces
  38. Michał Ryszard Wójcik, Nonseparably connected metric spaces
  39. Ondřej Zindulka, Fractal dimensions vs. special sets of reals


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