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  Zbigniew Wlodarczyk
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The NA49 Experiment

M.Gazdzicki, S.Mrowczynski, M.Rybczynski, G.Stefanek, Z.Wlodarczyk, A.Wojtaszek-Szwarc and the NA49 Collaboration.

The aim of the NA49 experiment at the CERN SPS is a comprehensive and consistent study of hadronic reactions ranging from the more elementary hadron-nucleon processes via hadron-nucleus interactions to collisions of nuclei with a variety of nuclear masses ( C+C, Si+Si, Pb+Pb) and at several energies (158, 80, 40, 30, 20A GeV ). The goal is to compare nucleus-nucleus reactions to non-elastic more elementary collision and to perform such a comparison at a more profound level with controlled inelasticity and centrality of the processes. The NA49 TPC (Time Projection Chamber) detectors were designed to maximize the number of charged particles detected in central nucleus-nucleus collisions. Time Projection Chambers and TOF detectors identify various particles and search for neutral particle decays.

The High Energy Group participate in the NA49 experiment since 2001. We took part in data taking for 30 and 20A GeV and are actively involved in the analysis of correlation of particles in different variables (pt, multiplicity, flow etc.). We also analyse the production and the flow of strange particles ( Ks0, K* and Lambda ).

You can read more on the NA49 home page at CERN.

Click on the NA49 activities data and results for further information.


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