Welcome to the School of Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of Jan Kochanowski University (JKU) in Kielce.

The Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences provides international students with an opportunity to study medicine in English. The School of Medicine offers a 6-year program for high school or secondary schools graduates (MD Program).

The Faculty of Medicine can pride itself on delivering the program content through excellence in didactic and clinical teaching by our highly qualified academic staff off physicians engaged in research, and on providing students with an educational environment conducive to learning, as well as on offering good quality accommodations around the University campus.

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School of Medicine offers program:

6-year MD Program

The School of Medicine offers a 6-year program for high school or secondary school graduates. The program meets the EU standards and offers over 5700 hours of instruction in the area of general medicine, pre-clinical and clinical education.

Upon completion of the program students are awarded the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree

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Medical students has visited the USA this summer and spend their time as the observers at the Department of Surgery. They had the pleasure to monitor work of such a great doctor and UJK lecturer as Prof. Tomasz Rogula MD, PhD. Assisting and observing surgical procedures conducted by eminent physicians has developed students’ knowledge and has been a great experience. Moreover, staying in the Cleveland Clinic has allowed them to meet the Dean of Cleveland Clinic, Dr Young, board-certified surgeons and enabled them to visit a large number of science laboratories where residents can train. Below some photographs from the visit.

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Online Application from the 1st of May until 10th of July

Please submit your application fee in the amount of 200 EUR for the 6-year MD Program directly to the following university bank account number.

Online Application System is available at https://www.ujk.edu.pl/medicineschool

The number of places is limited.

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