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The Department


The beginnings of the Department date back to 1970, when the independent History Unit was created as part of the Higher School of Learning for Teachers. On 14 February 1976, the Unit was renamed The Department of History of the Higher School of Pedagogy in Kielce. In 2000, the Department of History was placed under the authority of the Humanities Faculty of Holy Cross Academy. As of March 2008, the Department is a branch of the Humanities Faculty of the Jan Kochanowski University of Humanities and Sciences in Kielce. The university has the authority to grant doctorates (as of 1989) and habilitations (as of 2002) in the field of history.

Of the forty one academic staff at the university, 9 carry the title of full professor, 10 are habilitated doctors and 18 hold doctorates. Since 1999 the Department is the publisher of two journals: The Almanac of History (Almanach Historyczny) and Between the Vistula and the Pilica. Studies and Historical Materials (Między Wisłą a Pilicą. Studia i Materiały Historyczne).

Approximately 230 students are enrolled in either day or weekend studies at the Department. Studying history at the Department gives graduates general knowledge in the humanities as well as prepares them for work in cultural institutions, in national and local government administration, in museums, in archives and in schools (after completing a teaching specialization).

Lectures are organized for students and the academic community of the Department. Speakers include guests from throughout Poland as well as abroad.

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