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V Polish Workshop on Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions

SHIN(E)ing Physics

Institute of Physics, Jan Kochanowski University
Kielce, Poland
December 6-7, 2008

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Experiment NA61/SHINE at CERN SPS on hadron-nucleus and nucleus-nucleus collisions serves the communities of neutrino physics, cosmic rays and of relativistic heavy-ion collisions. The idea of the workshop is to gather in the same place and time representatives of the three communities to discuss subjects of common interests. Thus, we intend to present the NA61/SHINE program, its status and future plans, and the detector capabilities. Then, we plan to have talks on the neutrino physics, cosmic rays and on relativistic heavy-ion collisions. Each of the three topics is supposed to be introduced with a general lecture followed by more specialized talks exposing, in particular, the role of NA61/SHINE experiment.

Speakers include

  • Piotr Bożek
  • Marek Gaździcki
  • Jan Kisiel
  • Krzysztof Redlich
  • Peter Seyboth
  • Grzegorz Stefanek
  • Wolfgang Trautmann
  • Tadeusz Wibig
  • Wojciech Dominik
  • Mark Gorenstein
  • Michał Praszałowicz
  • Ewa Rondio
  • Paweł Staszel
  • Joanna Stepaniak
  • Ralf Ulrich
  • Henryk Wilczyński

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