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X Polish Workshop on Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions

Unreasonable effectiveness
of statistical approaches to high-energy collisions

Institute of Physics, Jan Kochanowski University
Kielce, Poland
December 13-15, 2013

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Recent experiments at LHC have shown a surprising similarity of high multiplicity p-p and p-Pb collisions to central Pb-Pb collisions. In all three cases collective phenomena are observed and hydrodynamics works well, particle spectra and multiplicities of various particles are successfully described by statistical models. These experimental findings have revived an old discussion on applicability of statistical approaches to high-energy collisions. The workshop objective is to contribute to the discussion, to reconsider some old questions in the light of new findings, to look for novel ideas. The workshop Leitmotiv is a paraphrase of the title of famous article by Eugene Wigner: The Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Natural Sciences.

Key speakers include

  • Francesco Becattini
  • Helena Białkowska
  • Adam Kisiel
  • Michał Spaliński
  • Grzegorz Wilk
  • Andrzej Białas
  • Piotr Bożek
  • Katarzyna Grebieszkow
  • Ludwik Turko
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