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Agnieszka Bygar – Research Programmes Specialist
tel. 48 41 349 73 39
e-mail: agnieszka.bygar@ujk.edu.pl

Assistance with:

  • promotion, consulting, financing and management of research projects within the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme and other programmes for research projects (national and international) e.g. from National Science Centre, International Visegrad Fund and others;
  • realization of international projects connected with internationalization;
  • actions regarding internationalization of the University.

Agnieszka Tomaszewska – Senior Specialist
tel. 48 41 349 72 32
e-mail: agnieszka.tomaszewska@ujk.edu.pl

Assistance with:

  • proceeding international trips connected with research )conferences, symposiums, fellowships and other connected with realization of research projects and research cooperation with foreign partners);
  • purchasing flight tickets, preparing documentation and financial settlements connected with international trips of JKU’s staff and arrivals of foreign partners to JKU.